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Boost your Spanish right now!




Time saving


Taylor Made

 10 - CLASS PACK (5h)


$ 175.00 USD

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20 - CLASS PACK (10h)


$ 330.00 USD

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40 - CLASS PACK (20h)


$ 600.00 USD

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We attend your very specific individual linguistic needs!

We help you to adapt yourself, compete and excel in a globlalized world.

Through WEBEX, TEAMS, ZOOM or SKYPE you will receive quality online classes, personalised to your needs

Each class last 30 minutes

Every class allows you to improve your speaking

Your native teacher will work to make you feel comfortable and at ease

Your native teacher will help you perfect your accent

All teaching material will be adapted to your individual needs

All classes can be accessed from your office or the comfort of your home

Your decide the hours and weekly frequency of your class

You can cancel any class at any time with only 4 hours prior notice.


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