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 Training for
True Leadership

Besides languages, at Go For Languages, we also teach modern transformational leadership and management skills through state-of-the-art content delivered and tailored to you by world-class ICF certified instructors.

Live native English instructors teach 30+ true leadership topics (see below) to top level managers of your organization.

True leadership means leading in a compassionate way



  • Build high trust relationships 

  • Delegate like a pro 

  • Empower anyone to do their best work 

  • Influence the right way 

  • Leadership 101 

  • Lead with full grit 

  • Set compelling goals 

  • Take advantage of your strengths 


  • Ask powerful questions 

  • Conduct meetings with mastery 

  • Give effective feedback 

  • Have highly effective 1to1s 

  • Lead compassionate conversations 

  • Run effective interviews 


  • Boost “A Player” Teams 

  • Do your best work remotely 

  • Enhance a thriving team culture 

  • Foster a culture of belonging 

  • Manage remote teams 


  • Conflict analysis and management track 

  • How to deal with microaggressions 

  • How to transform conflict into collaboration 


  • Communicate effectively around change 

  • How to lead through change 

  • How to overcome resistance to Change 

  • Manage bias 

  • Master the process of change 


  • Attract top 1% talent 

  • Create compelling career paths 

  • Embrace diversity 

  • Ramp up new hires 

 How It Works?

  • Each class last 60 minutes and is designed for 1 to 10 participants

  • Quality online classes, personalised to participants' professional needs

  • Classes are given through videoconference and all teaching documents, activities and videos are shared through a digital whiteboard which can be accessed by computer, Tablet or mobile phone.

  • Experts and students can see, talk and interact with one another as if they were in the same room.

  • Materials, activities and videos are shared over the interactive digital whiteboard that appears on the computer screen

  • All classes can be accessed from your office or the comfort of your home

  • Your decide the hours and weekly frecuency of your class

  • You can cancel any class at any time with only 24 hours prior notice


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